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The Display Window of Traditional Folk Culture of the Dragon Boat Festival-The Kongtong Mountain Sachet Festival


Date of feeds:2017-05-27 10:50


May 30, is about to see the Chinese traditional festival-Dragon Boat Festival. In recent days, as the upcoming festival, in Guangcheng Inn (Kongtong town) of Kongtong Mountain Scenic Area,the faint fragrance of rice dumplings leaves in snack street spreads everywhere. In the eyes of some people, the Dragon Boat Festival is good opportunity to eat and drink, which makes the original rich Dragon Boat Festival culture gradually drift away and the Dragon Boat Festival culture connotation forgotten by more and more people.


Father took his baby to watch sachet.


The five poison sachet with the traditional folk customs in eastern region of Gansu province .


A clay sculpture live performance given by Liu Quan,a Pingliang clay sculpture artist.


An old traditional lanternartist Wen Chunlin shows a live performance lanternsproduction unique skills.


An Western styleart troupe from the Pingliang Cultural Center are performing the classic costume catwalks.






As the Dragon Boat Festival approached, Kongtong Mountain Scenic Area held the Kongtong Mountain sachet art festival to better carry forward and inherit the traditional Chinese folk culture,to deepen the tourism industry. Kongtong Mountain Scenic Area should emphasize on the supply-front tourism, so that Dragon Boat Festival in tourism culture propaganda takes on moreChinese traditional characteristics. A valuable spiritual wealth and cultural heritage-Qu Yuan's spirit, always inspires our descendants to do good turns and build a fine life.In a sense, the Dragon Boat Festival is not only a general cultural symbol, also aims at carrying forward the national spirit, to express patriotic feelings, encourage people to uphold the spirit of self-improvement and create a better life. The Dragon Boat Festival should not only be a chance to eat and drink, but also to carry forward traditional cultural.

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