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In Kongtong Mountain Snatching RiceDumplings, Tasting Delicious Food on the Day of Dragon Boat Festival


Date of feeds:2017-06-13 03:17



In May 30, a big cock covered with rice dumplings attracted many tourists attention. This big cock was nearly 4--meters high (as shown on the right), held its head up high.The big cock appeared in the'Fairview Kongtong - Kongtong Mountain Sachet Art Festival recently held by Kongtong Mountain Scenic Area ,whose body was covered with a small rice dumplings .




During the event, visitors from all corners of the world participated in enthusiastically , so that the Kongtong Mountain Sachet Festival became the largest, the most influencedand the most fruitful festival in Kongtong Mountain Scenic Area. Meanwhile, it also fully demonstrated Kongtong Mountain Scenic Area profound food culture and high popularity of tourism. In the snack a street of Guangcheng town,Pingliang rice cake, sweet fermented oats, Lingtai steamed chicken, fried cakes, Huating potato jiaotuan, Jingchuan cans steamed buns, Jingning roast chicken, Zhuanglang fried cake,Chongxin luchimodisplayed attractive spice to lure a lot of tourists to taste.


According to festival official introduction, in 6-days sachet art festival, apart from the traditional sachet art show, there are a variety of Dragon Boat Festival celebrations including handicrafts show sales, giant rice dumplingsshow, clay sculpture exhibition, classical clothing catwalk and Dragon Boat Festival carnival and a series of special activities. The purpose of this activity is to attract more tourists to watch show,have fun, and taste delicious food, and to create a lively Dragon Boat Festival atmosphere.

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