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Kongtong Mountain Witnesses the First Small Tourist Peak in Golden Week


Date of feeds:2017-06-13 03:27

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The second day of National Day , with clear sky and autumn wind delivers crisply ,Kongtong Mountain witnessed the first tourism peak. At 10 am, a large number of tourists swarmed into the Kongtong Mountain, to enjoy the magic and elegance of Taoism mountain.

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In order to offerwonderful services during the Golden Week, combing with the characteristics of tourism this year, scenic area effectively eases the pressure on the parking lot to meet the needs of self drive by adjusting the parking spaces, enabling temporary parking and other means. Scenic area adds  temporary ticket points and the information desk for the visitors to freely distribute brochures and scenic maps. Besides, scenic area introduce some routes for tourists for choosing a different way to enter the scenic area . In ticket points,key sections and tourist distribution centers, scenic area increases many security guards to ensure a smooth passenger flow. A series of protection measures have been taken to provide a safe and comfortable tour environment for tourists.

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The scenic area made such a comprehensive preparations for the Golden Week that scenic traffic flow was smooth and had a festivous tourism atmosphere.

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