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Qingyang City'Non-legacy'-Huan County’s Shadow Puppetry shadow has been Drawn into the Guangcheng Town


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In May 30, in old stage tea house of the Guangcheng Town (Kongtong town) in Pingliang City, Gansu Province , folk artists from the Huan County, Qingyang City performed the Huan County’s Tao Tsing shadow puppetry.


Huan County’s Tao Tsing shadow puppetry is a popular folk puppet show. The characteristics of the shadow puppetry  are the connection of Qin Long culture and the surrounding ethnic culture, the old Tao Tsing and shadow puppets. In May 2006, the shadow puppetry had been in the first of national intangible cultural heritage protection list.



Tao Tsingshadow puppetry is a result of the combination of Tao Tsing and shadow puppetry, which has a thousand years of history.After years of vicissitudes,Tao Tsing shadow puppetryhas formed a unique puppets. After the late Qing Dynasty, Xie Changchun and other older artists reformed and innovated Tao Tsing shadow puppetry to make it more perfect.It is the custom of the local people and the faith. It is influenced bysome regions, such as, the center-Huan County, the surrounding- Huachi, Qingcheng and Ningxia Yanchi, Shanxi Dingbian and other counties.


When troupe performed, the front person pick pole to show, and take all the characters to sing and make a monologue. Four or five people in the backstage accompany.The Tao Tsingmusic is a fine tuning, which is divided into 'shangyin' and 'huayin', and is sung in two kinds of speed.The musical accompaniment instruments: Ukulele,  yu-drum, the shuaibangzi, the board are homemade, whose sounds are unique.


In the 1950s, HuanCounty Tao Tsing shadow puppetry  performed in Beijingthree times,which were highly praised by Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and other state leaders, and eventually developed into the localonly operain Gansu - Long opera.

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